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Rihanna Covers Rolling Stone

Rihanna-RollingStone Cover

Barbadian beauty Rihanna is featured on the current cover of Rolling Stone magazine available today. This edition features an in depth interview conduced by Josh Eeels, with the pop princess regarding her childhood, relationship rumors, and her decision to relax the restraining order against Chris Brown. The star is quoted as saying, “That’s my decision.” “It doesn’t mean we’re gonna make up or even talk again. It just means I didn’t want to object to the judge.” She goes on to explain, “What he did was a personal thing-it had nothing to do with his career. Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can’t perform at awards shows-that definitely made it difficult for him.”

The story also highlights:

  • Issues that she dealt with post-Chris Brown and having to put up a guard.
  • Her current single S&M is autobiographical in relation to her being fond of submission in bed
  • Her upcoming role as a Weapons Expert in the movie adaptation of ‘Battleship’ and her behind the scenes experience.

Here’s a behind the scenes look of the photo and video shoot that took place on March 15th: Behind the Shoot



Photos by: Mark Seliger

Video by: Ricardo Louis


St. Thomas: Schedule Announced for 2011 Carnival

ST. THOMAS — Carnival will start a little later than usual this year because of the Easter holiday, but organizers say the 59th annual bash will be as festive, vibrant and economy-boosting as ever.

Semele George submitted the winning theme — “Let Our Cultural Spirit Enliven Carnival 2011” — that will govern the nearly monthlong event. Carnival will begin April 17 with the Prince and Princess Selection show and end with the Calypso Spectakula Last Lap on May 7.

“It’s the largest annual cultural activity in the territory,” V.I. Carnival Committee Executive Director Caswil Callender said. Carnival is not only fun for local St. Thomians, it draws in people from the territory’s other islands, neighboring Caribbean nations and even the mainland, he said.

“Carnival is great for tourism,” Callender said. “There have been reports that the impact of the activities are in excess of $65 million annually.”

Carnival Village will be named “King Collins’ Musical Courtyard” in honor of Collins Wesselhoft. The trumpeter has been a member of Milo’s Kings, the longest-running band on St. Thomas, since its inception almost 54 years ago, Callender said.

The Cultural Fair will be named “Enid’s House of Delights,” in honor of Enid Donovan, Callender said.

While last year’s Carnival was marred by the lack of any male entrants to the Prince and Princess competitions, there will be no shortage of little Princes in this year’s contest, which is for children ages 6 to 12.

“We have five couples — with five little boys,” Callender said. “We are ecstatic about that.”

While some perceive Carnival to be an alcohol-fueled street party, events such as the Prince and Princess Selection Show get children involved in civic-minded activities, such as etiquette classes.

“The whole idea is to help these kids become admirable citizens in the community,” Callender said.

The April 23 Queen Pageant, which is for young women ages 16 to 21, has a similar goal, Callender said. Past participants have gone on to serve the territory as pharmacists, pediatricians, police officers, teachers and entertainers, he said.


Written by: Karen Hollish, Daily News Staff
Published: March 29, 2011


Bunji Loses Locks


Trinidadian Soca artist Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez created a stir yesterday by suddenly announcing his intention to cut off his lengthy dreadlocks and subsequently posting photos of his new haircut on social networking website, Twitter.

The photo went viral and spread to popular social website Facebook.

At about 2 pm, he posted a Twitter message: “Bye, bye dreadlocks” which seemed to spark some protest because a few minutes later he tweeted, “It’s hair it can grow back.” He also posted pictures of the barber salon where he was going to take the hair cut and a “before” picture with his locks loosed down his back.

His wife, Soca artist Fay Ann Lyons also updated her Twitter account to update followers of her husband’s trip to the barbershop. The next picture posted was his locks placed in a cap on his lap. Fay Ann confirmed that the deed was done on her account. A picture of Bunji sporting his new haircut soon began circulating on Blackberry Messenger and on Facebook. Two hours later, the artist posted his own picture on Twitter with the tweet, “My biggest fear was silenced. My daughter knew who I was when I just walk in. I can breathe now.”

Bunji received compliments from some of his followers including Meiling Incorporated.

Many women were impressed with the new haircut commenting on how handsome the artist looked. Bunji could not be reached for comment since his mobile phone went straight to voice mail when Newsday attempted to contact him yesterday afternoon.



Clovis Brown: Vybz Kartel Cartoons

Jamaica Observer cartoonist Clovis Brown targets Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel on his bleached look.



Nicki Minaj Gives Lil’ Wayne a Lap Dance

During the past weekend Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj hit up Long Island as part of their ‘I Am Still Music II’ Tour at the Nassau Coliseum. Nicki typically reserves a lap dance for a special male audience member but this time it was all about her mentor and boss, Lil Wayne. The fans were highly entertained and Wayne certainly enjoyed being the center of attention.