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Rock City: Interview with


Benny Demus: “Benny’s Love Dub” | Video

This track was originally produced by “Bost & Bim” for the remix of the song  “Love” by Rosey off of the Bridget Jones’s Diary soundtrack. “Ben In Black 2” the mixtape drops Aug. 29th.

In the meantime hit up Benny D on Twitter and be sure to check out past webisodes of “Eeazy” on Benny’s YouTube Channel. Log on to: for more information.


Rock City: ‘We On’ (Audio)

Benny Demus: Eeazy Webisode Pt. 4

Episode 4 is here…with cameos by Rock City & Verse Simmonds.

Eeazy was executive produced by St. Thomian & V.I. native Benny Demus. John P. Wheatley, another St. Thomian talent takes his place as director. Screen writing credits belong to Benny D and Dorian Santiago. Wheatley and Santiago are co-producers of the film shot entirely in Atlanta, GA by Urbane Asylum Productions in association with Masterpeace Productions.

Looking forward to the next webisode, but until then stay Eeaaaaaazzzzzzy!

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Rock City: Dark Cloud (Akon Diss)

Recently released from Konvict Records, the Virgin Islands hip hop duo, Rock City rap about their frustration with former boss, Akon. “Dark Cloud” is a tale of making it for the two brothers who for the past five years had their music shelved. The duo have made waves in the music industry writing for the likes of the: Pussycat Dolls, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston, Iyaz, and much more.

The group’s PTFAO movement (an acronym for Put the Fucking Album Out) was enacted almost two years ago and at the end of their contract the group, decided not to renew with Konvict Records. Their “Free at Last” album will be released later this year on their very own Rebelution Records. The first single off the album “We On” is currently garnering radio play.

Listen to “Dark Cloud” below: