Zoe Saldana: Being Criticized for her Role as a Colombian | EurWeb.com

*Zoe Saldana is showing off her agility as an actress with her latest production, “Colombiana.”

She tells the NY Daily News that the tough role was something she was ready for, as well as the guns.

“I grew up around a family of hunters in the Caribbean and guns were always around,” she says. “Now, I obviously didn’t know about all the weapons used in this movie, but that allowed me to create my own sort of swagger.”

But her role wasn’t without controversy.

Some Colombians are sharing their resentment because Zoe is  a Puerto Rican and Dominican woman playing the role of a Colombian. They are also upset because the movie is so violent.

“Just because I’m Dominican doesn’t mean I can only play Dominican roles.” She did play a blue tree-swinging princess quite well. Noting Pam Grier and Sigourney Weaver as icons who inspire her, Saldana says, “These badass women always deliver great roles and never compromise their art form.”


Source: EurWeb.com

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  1. Honestly I disagree. She is not Hispanic to be Hispanic you must be born into a Spanish family in territory outside of Spain. example if to Spanish citizens had kids in the United States they would be Hispanic or if they had kids in Colombia they would be Hispano which is Hispanic in Spanish & used way b4 the U.S used Hispanic. 2nd to be Latino or Latina you must be able to trace your roots to an Original European Latin country. Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Romania.

    3rd Italy is originally where Latin comes from and it is Part of Southern Europe. African Americans speak English but they are not considered Caucasian or Anglo Saxon or even English. Also if you have heard her Spanish it sucks if you know Spanish you can tell. It is horrible and not even proper Spanish. Also if she went to Colombia she would be considered an Afro Colombian or a Mulata not a Latina or even a Negra. If she went to Spain she wouldn’t be consider Spanish or even of Hispanic origin even if her last name is of Spanish orgin.

    I think it just reading history and especially reading up about the Dominican Republic to understand the truth. Just because one considers themselves to be Latina doesn’t mean they are. It is like an ugly woman looking in the mirror and saying she is pretty. To herself maybe but to a majority of people she maybe ugly.however their maybe someone out their that may love her for who she is but the truth does hurt. Maybe Zoe thinks she got the black market long down and trying to capitalize on the Latin market by calling herself Latina. I don’t know but I think it may cause controversy & back fire in a major way. Their are already Colombians pissed about her getting the part and asking why it wasn’t called Dominicana

  2. Oh yeah it was stupid to use a black woman in a Colombian role. I am sure they will lose a lot of money for this in the box office. I mean she sees herself as a black woman not really a Latina & she really isn’t Latina if you read history of the Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico another hollywood blunder.

    When I go to the D.R., the press in Santo Domingo always asks, “¿Qué te consideras, dominicana o americana?” (What do you consider yourself, Dominican or American?) I don’t understand it, and it’s the same people asking the same question. So I say, time and time again, “Yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman.”) [They go,] “Oh, no, tú eres trigueñita.” (“Oh no, you are ‘dark skinned'”) I’m like, “No! Let’s get it straight, yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman.”)

    Lot of out rage with this film with violence and portrayal of non Latina playing a Latina role.

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