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Bunji Loses Locks


Trinidadian Soca artist Ian “Bunji Garlin” Alvarez created a stir yesterday by suddenly announcing his intention to cut off his lengthy dreadlocks and subsequently posting photos of his new haircut on social networking website, Twitter.

The photo went viral and spread to popular social website Facebook.

At about 2 pm, he posted a Twitter message: “Bye, bye dreadlocks” which seemed to spark some protest because a few minutes later he tweeted, “It’s hair it can grow back.” He also posted pictures of the barber salon where he was going to take the hair cut and a “before” picture with his locks loosed down his back.

His wife, Soca artist Fay Ann Lyons also updated her Twitter account to update followers of her husband’s trip to the barbershop. The next picture posted was his locks placed in a cap on his lap. Fay Ann confirmed that the deed was done on her account. A picture of Bunji sporting his new haircut soon began circulating on Blackberry Messenger and on Facebook. Two hours later, the artist posted his own picture on Twitter with the tweet, “My biggest fear was silenced. My daughter knew who I was when I just walk in. I can breathe now.”

Bunji received compliments from some of his followers including Meiling Incorporated.

Many women were impressed with the new haircut commenting on how handsome the artist looked. Bunji could not be reached for comment since his mobile phone went straight to voice mail when Newsday attempted to contact him yesterday afternoon.