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Nicki Minaj: Right Thru Me (Official Music Video)

Currently one of the biggest names in Hip Hop Trinidad’s Nicki Minaj shows us her vulnerable side in “Right Thru Me.” The track was produced by Drew Money. When asked about NIcki’s star potential Drew is quoted as saying, “She just has the ‘it’ factor. Not only does she have that star quality and is very talented with her lyrics, her songwriting and her singing even, but she’s very pretty, she’s business savvy and she’s extremely smart…There’s a lot of pressure on her, but when they hear this album, they’ll be in shock at how amazing it is. She covers a lot of bases.” 

Nicki tones it down in this video both in antics and her appearance.  The video takes us through the ups and downs of a relationship and shows us the potential that Nicki has to evolve as an artist. The track itself has a laid back Pop feel and Nicki laces it with her rapping as well as singing skills. Nicki’s debut album “Pink Friday” drops November 22, 2010.

Trinidad: Nicki Minaj Goes Home

Nicki Minaj recently returned to Trinidad and spoke with members of the T&T media on Oct 30th, hours before she was set to perform at the Localize It Concert in the Hasley Crawford Stadium. The rapper performed a medley of her hits including: “Up All Night”, “Hold Yuh”, “Dutty Love”, “Monsta”, & “Your Love”

Nicki was born on the island of Trinidad and left at age 5 relocating to New York City where she grew up. Her parents are of Afro and East Indian Trinidadian hertiage. Nicki was treated to the Presidential Suite by her people and enjoyed a Trini curried chicken roti upon arrival. Nicki reunited with family in Trinidad and was followed by fans and media alike during her stay. 

At a press conference Nicki spoke about Trinidad culture and music and her desire to work with local artists such as Machel Montano and Destra Garcia in the future. Nicki would like to promote Trini culture to the world and act as an ambassador and mentor to fellow Trimidadians. She is quoted as follows:

“I want to eventually bring Trinidadian music and culture to the world. If any of you have anything you want me to promote get it to me. What I know about Trinidadian culture and fashion is Carnival. I have never been to a Trinidadian Carnival but I know it is better than the rest.”

Check out a piece of Nicki’s performance below: