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Iyaz ft. Travie McCoy: Pretty Girls | Video

This radio hit finally has its accompanying video check out Virgin Islander Iyaz with Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy in the video for Pretty Girls. There is absolutely no shortage of pretty ladies in this video. Also appearing in the video are singer Sean Kingston and rapper Soulja Boy.

Download the single on iTunes HERE.

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Verse Simmonds: Interview

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Maurice “Verse” Simmonds says in an interview from Akon’s mansion, Dreamland, that he wants to be Kelly Rowland’s “motivation,” which explains why they collaborated on the new single “Boo Thang.” On it, the Caribbean native is being seduced by the sexy songstress, who entices him to turn off the lights and make a movie. Yeah, she went there again. Mad props to her.

Simmonds really gets creative on this new release, due out in July. Here, the hopeful romantic discusses his new mixtape, why it’s important to work with emerging artists and how he’s impacted by superproducer Akon.  –yvette caslin

On the upcoming mixtape ‘Sex Tape Chronicles II’…

I think I create a certain type of music that locks people in. Fans can expect to hear beautiful music from me. It will be familiar and, at the same time, new and refreshing.

On his inspiration…

I find women inspirational. I sing different styles of music — R&B, hip-hop, reggae and Calypso. Women are the common theme.

His ideal woman…

A confident, beautiful and intelligent woman and someone that knows how to communicate. I think that’s big in any relationship. She has to know how to jazz it up when it’s that time of the night, ya’ know?

On his romantic side…

That is really hard. I do so many romantic things, from roses to the petals in the room leading up to the bubble bath. I have made love on a cliff overlooking the sea in the Virgin Islands. I am that kinda guy.

On groupies…

I don’t think I have groupies. I don’t look at the women who approach me as groupies. I look at them as confident, outgoing women.

On fashion…

I love fashion and will shop everywhere from Wish to a consignment store to find something that is rare, fly and vintage.

On his musical style and his image…

I want them to see me as someone who is able to take music to another level. At the end of the day, I want to be looked at someone who is able to captivate audiences and make a change in the world. Look at Bob Marley and the type of movement he created. He’s a legend. His message, “One Love,” is still relevant today. I hope I can get to the point where I can deliver that type of message out to the world.

On artist(s) he’d like to collaborate with…

I am always looking for the new and different, not necessarily the artist that everyone is hot on right now. For me, that innovative sound that no one has heard yet. There is longevity in creating something rather than riding out something.

On working with Akon…
Look at how humble he is as an artist. As big as he is, you’d expect him to act a certain way because of everything he’s been able to accomplish. For me, it has set a certain kind of tone.

Listen to ‘Boo Thang’ below:

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Aaron Da Jedi ft. Kissinger: ‘In God We Tru$t’

Aaron Da Jedi: Home Sweet Home Video

There’s no place like home! Listen to Aaron da Jedi as he expounds on what makes the Virgin Islands so special.

  • Artist: Aaron Da Jedi
  • Song Title: Home Sweet Home
  • Album: The Big Show
  • Song Produced by: Home Grown Studios
  • Shot & Directed by: Glenn “Blake” Cherubim / Next Level Advantage Productions
  • Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

While you’re at it download another track by Da Jedi  ‘In God We Tru$t‘  featuring  fellow BVI artist Kissinger.


Ogeno ft. Kissinger: The Whole V.I. Video

After a two week wait the highly anticipated video ‘The Whole V.I.’ dropped today!