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Offical Paid 4 Ent. Press Release for Virgin Islands Summer Splash 2011

Nationally acclaimed rap artist Young Jeezy aka Jay Jenkins, Smith Entertainment and Caribbean Entertainment.Com failed to appear as contractually agreed with Paid 4 Entertainment at the annual Summer Splash event in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands this past weekend. Young Jeezy was contracted for the main performance at Summer Splash 2011 in March, 2011 with a line up which also featured Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons, Cocoa Tea, Bar Gyal Cecile, Hero and many others.

Major sponsors such as Bellows International, Coca Cola, Heineken Beer, Hennessey, Alize, and VI Lottery joined with Paid 4 Entertainment to make this event possible. Days before Summer Splash Jermaine Saunders, founder of Paid 4 was first informed of Young Jeezy’s unwillingness to perform as scheduled on June 18, 2011. After many discussions with Young Jeezy and his agents the contract was modified to allow the artist to appear on June 19, 2011 at 8:00pm at the Lionel Roberts Stadium. Based on the representations of Young Jeezy and his agents, Paid 4 Entertainment chartered and paid for a private jet to bring Young Jeezy and his crew to St. Thomas on the morning of June 19, 2011. Young Jeezy went as far to twitter his receipt of the jet on June 16 on his Twitter account.

On Sunday June 19 at 2:45 P.M. Paid 4 representatives were notified by the by the airline company that the artist did not board the prepaid flight. It was not until 4:30 P.M. that representatives of the artist officially advised Paid 4 Entertainment that the artist was not coming. It was also learned that Young Jeezy in spite of his prepaid contract in the Virgin Islands had also contracted to do performances in the Atlanta area. Paid 4 Entertainment extends it apologies to the fans and sponsors of the Virgin Islands Summer Splash 2011 and requests that you direct any inquiries or claims concerning this matter in writing to Paid 4 Entertainment, LLC, in care of its attorney Robert L. King, at P.O. Box 9768, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00801.

Source: Paid 4 Entertainment Massive