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Prodigy X Photography (BVI) : St. John Festival Pics

Bahamas: Bimini Awash with Artistic Talent Next Week


Alice Town, Bimini – Perhaps not since the days of Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey has Bimini seen such an accumulation of world class artists gathered for a fishing tournament.

Instead of men who make their living with words, these artists capture the world in bronze, marble, watercolors, acrylics, oils and photography.

Bimini hasn’t seen a group together like this in many, many years, said Ned Stone, tournament director for next week’s Guy Harvey Billfish Invitational.

In addition to Dr. Harvey, Bimini will be hosting visits from internationally known sculptors Kent Ullberg and Ed Pang (who created the tournament’s Hemingway-Lerner and Frank Johnson trophies, respectively) and celebrated marine/wildlife photographers Marc Montocchio, Pat Ford and Scott Kerrigan.

Bimini itself comprises the full artist palette a colorful feast for the eyes and senses, said Harvey, who will be competing in the tournament aboard Captain Billy Black’s El Viejo. There’s no other place like it in the world like Bimini, and little wonder that it drew men like Hemingway and Grey to its shores.

Ernest Hemingway was an early apostle to the Bimini experience in the 1930s, where he drank, brawled and wrote his way through several fishing seasons, traveling back and forth between his home in Key West and his beloved his characterizations came from a world populated by giant blue marlin, bluefin tuna and schools of sharks almost too large to count. With his literary acclaim and sporting prowess, Hemingway, together with countless other kindred spirits like novelist Zane Grey and scientist/naturalist Michael Lerner, established Bimini as the Big Game Fishing Capital of the World, home today to some 50 world record catches and counting.


Harvey, a celebrated artist, scientist and conservationist, is hosting the The Billfish Invitational at the historic Big Game Club located in Bimini’s Alice Town. The tournament will run from May 18-21.

The all release tournament will feature three days of fishing, and target all billfish species. In addition to individual prizes, the tournament format will include the award of the two perpetual trophies, to be displayed in the Club’s new trophy room lounge.

Eligible species for the Billfish Tournament include Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, Spearfish and Swordfish.

Tournament sponsors include Woods and Associates,, which originally began in Fort Myers Beach as Woods & Oviatt in 1973, has long been a fixture in South Florida yacht and sportfishing boat sales.  A Blue Marlin Sponsor, the family-run firm joins Hell’s Bay Boatworks and Costa del Mar sunglasses (Sailfish category) and by Rybovich, the Bimini Boatyard, Johnson Marine Electronics, Seacoast Marine Finance, ACR Electronics, Luu Marine & Associates and Sky Limo Air Charters (Wahoo category).

Administered by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and the IGFA, net tournament proceeds will be reinvested in Bimini and surrounding waters. For registration and further details, contact Captain Ned Store at or call 954-524-2225 (office) or 954-205-9595 (cell).

Author: John Bell

Prodigy X Photography (BVI) : Captures St. Thomas Carnival 2011

Earlier this week, as I browsed Facebook I stumbled across some tagged pictures of the Carnival.  As you all know I’m always on the prowl for talented Caribbean people, especially my fellow Virgin Islanders… so this lead me to hit the “like” button on Prodigy X Photography‘s page  to locate its admin. As luck would have it… it happened to be the work of one of the BVI’s  budding photographers, Dame Peters. I made contact  with Dame, asked him some questions, and he was kind enough to share some of his amazing images from St. Thomas Carnival 2011. This year’s theme was “Let Our Cultural Spirit Enliven, Carnival 2011.”

Check out my interview with Dame Peters (Prodigy X Photography):

How long have you been in the business of photography?

Dame: I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember and decided to get into the photography business in January of this year. 

What initially interested you in photography?

 Dame: I love capturing memories and stories. Growing up in a large family, we have numerous photo albums of memories. I’ve always wanted to be the person that captures those memories.

What would you say is more important Good Knowledge/Good Equipment?

Dame: Good knowledge is definitely king. The equipment is just a tool that helps to capture what the photographer sees or has in mind. Knowing how to capture that idea is paramount, even when using mediocre equipment. Without good knowledge, the most expensive and state of the art equipment will be useless.

What genres of photography are you most interested in?

Dame: I love capturing the beauty of nature (people and landscapes). As such, outdoor portrait photography has my main interest, with band photography coming in a close second

Now everybody has a digital camera do you notice less work coming your way as people now think they can do it themselves?

Dame: Yes, I do feel that this affects the photography business somewhat, but not greatly. A professional photographer is an artist and the camera is this artist’s brush. The creativity and originality that goes into a professional photographer’s work cannot be matched by a point and shoot camera and most people appreciate that.

If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be?

Dame: There are so many photographers that tie for that #1 position of who I’d like to work with, many of whom are local photographers that are absolutely brilliant. Recently I have had the good fortune of working with John Black and Buddha Matther of Team FotoShop in the BVI. Besides them, I’d love to work alongside Zack Arias.

What goal are you working towards within your photography? When will you know you have reached it?

Dame: At the moment I am continuing my studies in the photographic art, while building my network and portfolio. My long term goal would be to get into fashion photography for magazines and other publications.

What photography projects appeal to you the most?

 Dame: Recently, the appeal of events with lots of action has been in the forefront of my mind. Events such as martial arts demonstrations, carnival parades and J’ouverts. However, as mentioned, landscape portraiture peaks my interest most and allows for a more creative and original approach.

What projects are you currently  working on?

 Dame: In the works currently are a few outdoor portraits, corporate events, indoor studio shoots and I will be working alongside Team PhotoShop, shooting the upcoming 2011 Miss Caribbean World Pageant. 

Are you available for work outside of the BVI?

Dame:  I am currently growing my brand and equipment inventory and eventually will be available for work outside of the BVI.

How can people get in touch with you/ view your work?

Dame: A variety of my photography is available online at or on Flickr at

However, to view a concise portfolio, I can be contacted by email at:

View more Carnival pictures below: