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Spice ft. Missy Elliott: Fun (Remix) Video

Spice ft. Missy Elliott: ‘Fun” Music (Audio)

Dancehall artist Spice has collaborated with the multi-talented Missy Eliott on her song ‘Fun.’ The song found its way to Missy via Spice’s management team (Movers & Shakers). The team forwarded the track to Mona Scott-Young of (Monami Entertainment and Violators Management) who has a relationship with the triple threat (singer, rapper, and producer) phenomenon Missy Elliott.

Missy jumped on the track , remixed it and sent it back. Spice was pleasantly surprised but pleased.

 “One day my manager played the song for me and I didn’t know about the remix and when I heard Missy on it, I was over the roof. Missy ripped it up. The beat is a dancehall beat, its not trying to be hip-hop and she did well on it,” Spice said.

Following the remix Spice was invited to perform with rapper Trini at Missy’s birthday party at Gulfstream Park in Aventura.

“Me and Trina we did a remix of Get Your Freak On and I did it the Jamaican way. It wasn’t a Jamaican audience but it mashed up the place. I did my splits and foot in the air and when Timbaland saw me do all that his mouth dropped wide open,” Spice laughingly said. “She was surprised and we hung out and took pictures and she thanked me for coming. She asked me to do an encore and do Rampin’ Shop which is one of her favorites.”

A video for the original version of ‘Fun’ has already been done and will be released soon. VP records will debut the remixed version overseas.

 Spice added, “Missy hasn’t recorded for about three years, so this is one of her first recordings in a while, a lot of people will be looking for it and will gravitate to it.”

Listen to the track below: