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Verse Simmonds: Sex Tape Chronicles 2


  1.  Verse Simmonds – Intro
  2.  Verse Simmonds – Interlude
  3.  Verse Simmonds – Protection (With Words By Kenny Burns) [Prod. By Sak Pase]
  4.  Verse Simmonds – Tears Of Joy [Prod. By Sak Pase]
  5.  Verse Simmonds – Lip Service With Angela Yee Part 1
  6.  Verse Simmonds – Love No Glove [Prod. By Mel & Mus]
  7.  Verse Simmonds – Strip Tease (Feat. Young Swift) [Prod. By Mel & Mus]
  8. Verse Simmonds – Interlude
  9.  Verse Simmonds – Boo Thang (Feat. Kelly Rowland) [Prod. By Sak Pase]
  10.  Verse Simmonds – Miss Johnson (Feat. Bu) [Prod. By Reign]
  11.  Verse Simmonds – Lip Service With Angela Yee Part 2
  12.  Verse Simmonds – I Wanna See You [Prod. By Sak Pase]
  13.  Verse Simmonds – One Last Time With Angela Yee Outro

Download the mixtape from Live Mixtapes.


CaribFuse: Ryan J. Love vs. Lust Mixtape Review

The R& B mixtape concept is still somewhat new and its true potential untapped. In general, mixtapes have great potential as dynamic promotional tools, helping to  introduce the arist to the streets or keeping them relevant between albums. New artists can create great exposure with the release of a mixtape. The mixtape allows the artist to showcase their skills, with the possibility of creating a fanbase if executed properly. In this review the Virgin Islands’ Ryan J. introduces us to his Caribbean R&B/Reggae style, with the release of his Love vs. Lust Mixtape…let’s take a listen!

The mixtape begins with a mellow jazz track as DJ Slik welcomes the ladies to turn the lights down low and kickback to the sounds of Ryan J. Immediately following is Ryan J.’s inviting remix of Kelly Rowland’s hit “Motivation”.  Mixing R&B with Reggae in a unique way this track will definitely garner tons of replays. Other notable tracks on the mixtape based off of popular hits include: “All I Got Is You” and Keri Hilson’s “Lose Control.”

On track#3 “If You Love Me” Ryan J. wants to how his woman feels as he explains his feelings. Sampling the popular reggae song “Burrup” by Nardo Ranks he sings, “I’m like the old reggae song from back in ah de day. Woman if you love me please let me, and if you nuh love me please let me go.”

On track#7 “Down” produced by Ajanie Williams, Ryan J. tell us how he gets down with this bedroom banger. This song is sure to get you in the mood for a night of lovemaking with that special person “hold on tight and enjoy the ride,” he says.

With a sultry voice Ryan J. ‘s fusion of R&B and Reggae is packaged in a style that’s uniquely his own. With insightful lyrics and Ryan J. invokes personality into original tracks such as:  Turning Me On, Down, Never  Find Another, Hypnotized, and I Just Called. With a unique sound and well-written lyrics it won’t take long for you to notice that this Caribbean brother has some decent pipes. The mixtape itself is a full on effort of Ryan J.’s versatility as a singer, musician, and producer. My personal picks include: I Just Called, Down, Fantasy World, and Turning Me On. I liked the mixtape overall and I’m pretty sure that you will too! Beautiful music Ryan!

Here’s my rating of Love vs. Lust:

  • Mixtape Cover: 5/5
  • Sound Production/Beats/Music Quality = 4.5/5
  • Creativity/Song Concepts/Lyrics = 4/5
  • Listening Value/Download Worth/Playability = 4/5

Download>>> Love vs. Lust 

Connect with Ryan J online:

Twitter: @RyanJMusic



Verse Simmonds: Interview

Featured on :

Maurice “Verse” Simmonds says in an interview from Akon’s mansion, Dreamland, that he wants to be Kelly Rowland’s “motivation,” which explains why they collaborated on the new single “Boo Thang.” On it, the Caribbean native is being seduced by the sexy songstress, who entices him to turn off the lights and make a movie. Yeah, she went there again. Mad props to her.

Simmonds really gets creative on this new release, due out in July. Here, the hopeful romantic discusses his new mixtape, why it’s important to work with emerging artists and how he’s impacted by superproducer Akon.  –yvette caslin

On the upcoming mixtape ‘Sex Tape Chronicles II’…

I think I create a certain type of music that locks people in. Fans can expect to hear beautiful music from me. It will be familiar and, at the same time, new and refreshing.

On his inspiration…

I find women inspirational. I sing different styles of music — R&B, hip-hop, reggae and Calypso. Women are the common theme.

His ideal woman…

A confident, beautiful and intelligent woman and someone that knows how to communicate. I think that’s big in any relationship. She has to know how to jazz it up when it’s that time of the night, ya’ know?

On his romantic side…

That is really hard. I do so many romantic things, from roses to the petals in the room leading up to the bubble bath. I have made love on a cliff overlooking the sea in the Virgin Islands. I am that kinda guy.

On groupies…

I don’t think I have groupies. I don’t look at the women who approach me as groupies. I look at them as confident, outgoing women.

On fashion…

I love fashion and will shop everywhere from Wish to a consignment store to find something that is rare, fly and vintage.

On his musical style and his image…

I want them to see me as someone who is able to take music to another level. At the end of the day, I want to be looked at someone who is able to captivate audiences and make a change in the world. Look at Bob Marley and the type of movement he created. He’s a legend. His message, “One Love,” is still relevant today. I hope I can get to the point where I can deliver that type of message out to the world.

On artist(s) he’d like to collaborate with…

I am always looking for the new and different, not necessarily the artist that everyone is hot on right now. For me, that innovative sound that no one has heard yet. There is longevity in creating something rather than riding out something.

On working with Akon…
Look at how humble he is as an artist. As big as he is, you’d expect him to act a certain way because of everything he’s been able to accomplish. For me, it has set a certain kind of tone.

Listen to ‘Boo Thang’ below:

Connect with Verse on, and follow him on Twitter: @VerseSimmonds.


Pitbull: Planet Pit Cover & Track Listing

Available in Stores Today

Track List:

01. Mr. Worldwide (Intro) (Feat Vein)
02. Give Me Everything (Feat NeYo, Afrojack & Nayer)
03. Rain Over Me (Feat Marc Anthony)
04. Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) (Feat T-Pain)
05. Pause
06. Come N Go (Feat Enrique Iglesias)
07. Shake Senora (Feat T-Pain & Sean Paul)
08. International Love (Feat Chris Brown)
09. Castle Made Of Sand (Feat Kelly Rowland & Jamie Drastik)
10. Took My Love (Feat Red Foo, Vein & David Rush)
11. Something For The Djs

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Ryan J: Motivation Remix

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan J., a  fellow St. Croix Native living in Philly last night. The upcoming interview will be featured on CaribVue this Memorial Day. In the meantime, listen to the first single off of Ryan J’s soon to be released mixtape that will be hosted by Krunkmaster DJ Slik and JahLion Sound Movements. We’ll let you know the minute it drops!

For more on Ryan J. log on to:

Listen to the Motivation Remix below: