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Movies: “Out the Gate” #13 in U.S. Box Office

The movie “Out the Gate” made history last week as the first multi-theater opening for a Jamaican film in decades.The filmed debuted last weekend in New York City to enthusiastic crowds.

In a list of 112 movies currently playing in United States theaters the weekend of May 13th, box office gross reports indicate that the indie film starring Paul Campbell and Oliver Samuels came in at #13 in the nation, in a ranking of average gross per screen. The action/drama also stars Shelli Boone and Everton (E-Dee) Dennis. AMC theaters, America’s largest theater chain has signed on for a second week. “Word of mouth is definitely spreading”, stated Keith Lewis, one of the films producers, “seeing the reaction of the audience has been the most rewarding part of this journey” he continued.

Produced and distributed by Jamaican/American company Far I Films, the movie is set to open in Jamaica this summer, future openings include Miami, Toronto, and London. For more information on the movie visit


Fashion: Actress Michelle Rodriguez at Cannes Film Festival

Our favorite hardcore Latina, Michelle Rodriguez was showing her more feminine side while in Cannes.

Here are some of her amazing looks:

CELEB STYLE POLL: Michelle Rodriguez

I, personally love the white strapless. The champagne dress is not too bad either.


Paul Campbell: Launches New Movie on the Eve of Kingston Pon di River

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed Jamaican actor and artist Paul Campbell, who released his new movie, Out the Gate, last Thursday in New York City, has joined the line-up of prominent Jamaicans scheduled to perform at the inaugural Kingston Pon Di River.

A festival of literary, visual, performing, and culinary arts, Kingston Pon Di River is set for Sunday, May 29 at Boone Hall Oasis, Stony Hill.

Campbell is best known for his tough-guy starring roles in Dancehall Queen, Third World Cop and Shottas, among other indigenous films which have explored the nucleus of the underbelly of Jamaican life and the streets.

His latest foray on screen will run in select cinemas in the Big Apple.

Campbell’s co-star in Out the Gate is compatriot Oliver Samuels, the king of Jamaican comedy, who is best known for his Oliver at Large series, as well as more recent theatrical productions with Jambiz.

“Out the Gate taps into real-life ideas, dreams, concerns, challenges, and victories by many immigrants in the United States,” read a statement released by the promoters. “Without boring you, the production team successfully explored the music industry, migration and the issue of donmanship, among other critical topics that will have you thinking and talking about it for a long time.”

Aside from Campbell, many other high-profile Jamaicans and expatriates will put their literary skills on display at Kingston Pon Di River. They include minister of transport and works Mike Henry, Television Jamaica’s Kay Osborne, United States Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater, Mexican Ambassador to Jamaica Leonora Rueda, public relations and advertising consultant Jean Lowrie-Chin, former government minister Aloun Assamba, Totlyn Oliver, Nadean Rawlins, and former postmaster general Blossom O’Meally-Nelson.

The arts festival will also cater to kids, as Kelly Magnus will read age-appropriate material to them, and patrons will be treated to music by Dwight Richards and Friends, the Kingston Drummers, and veteran musician Ernie Smith.

Kingston Pon Di River is the brainchild of Dynamic Event Services, a group of women with backgrounds in the tourism industry who seek to reposition Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, as the cultural centre of the Caribbean.

Part of the proceeds from the event will go towards the renovation of the Ward Theatre in downtown Kingston.


Check out the official trailer for “Out the Gate” below:

Out the Gate (Jamaican Film 2011)

After a turn of unfortunate events in Jamaica, Everton leaves his home to make it big in the music business in America. Everything is not a bed of roses in Hollywood, but with struggles and perseverance he finds love and success, only to have it all threatened when the Don of LA (Paul Campbell) wants his dues.


  • Paul Campbell (Dancehall Queen, Third World Cop, Shottas, &  First Sunday)
  • Shelli Boone (BET’s Mad Sports, Entourage, Saints & Sinners)
  • Oliver Samuels (Oliver at Large)
  • Everton Dennis (Like Mike 2, I Think I Love My Wife,  & How She Move)
The film also features: Mr. Lexx, Lady G, Ms, Triniti, Edley Shine, Bless Man, and Father Times.
Directed by the Village Brothers which consists of: R. Steven Johnson & QMillion.
Check out the movie trailer below:
Special viewing of the film will be made available in the following locations: Jamaica, New York City, Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami, and London.
For more information please  visit the movie’s website: Out the Gate

Far I Films, Inc.


Jeanene Fox: Bahamian Actress, Supermodel Lands Role in Another Italian Film


Bahamian actress Jeanene Fox has landed a role in another Italian mini-series.

Ms. Fox is in the midst of building a stellar acting career in Europe.  Her casting as an investigative reporter in the mini-series, The Bodyguard, marks the second notable role she has earned in Italy. She also appeared recently in the Italian feature comedy, AmeriQua.

In The Bodyguard, Ms. Fox plays a member of an investigative News Team from Los Angeles that travels to the island of Malta to report on a complex murder case. Tension soon rises as the team uncovers many truths that have serious implications for the island’s justice system. Eventually, they are forced to hire a bodyguard to protect them as they reveal the truth about the case.

The television mini-series will be released in Italy in the Fall, 2011. The thriller has also been sold to Germany, Spain, England and the United States.
About Jeanene: As a smart but waif thin schoolgirl attending Nassau’s Kingsway Academy, the once shy Jeanene was often taunted with the nickname “Bean-Pole Jeanene” – a moniker she would ultimately wear proudly when those legs that spanned for days and striking appearance – catapulted her into international success.Jeanene is a stunningly splendid mix of her native Bahamian father and Italian-Canadian mother (who was a former world champion medal-winning athlete and Olympic high jumper in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics).

A gifted athlete like her mother and brother (her eldest siblings Rick Fox a three-time World Champion Los Angeles Lakers NBA basketball player) – Jeanene excelled in many sports including softball, swimming and track and field – the family room’s shelves quickly crowded with her awards and trophies. However, friends thought Jeanene far too feminine too pursue a career in sports – but as luck would have it, she wouldn’t have to.

Jeanene with her brother, Rick Fox

Learn  more about Jeanene at her website:

Source: Bahamas