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Nicki Minaj: E! Entertainment Special

Hip hop diva Nicki Minaj, will open up to E! in a new one-hour television special, ‘E! Entertainment Special: Nicki Minaj‘.  The Queens rapper with Trinidadian roots will chronicle her rise from the Caribbean to the glitz, glam, and popularity as one of music’s more eccentric talents.

“Growing up in Trinidad, I didn’t know that we were poor,” said Minaj. “Ten people living in a three-bedroom home and all the dogs and cats my grandmother had, none of that seemed really abnormal.”

She also states, “I just had to give this [rap] one try because I had never given anything my all. I was like you know what, I don’t care if I end up in a shelter. I am not going back to work.”

The E! special will also feature interviews from her parents, childhood friends, and school teachers. Also making appearances on the special, producer Swizz Beatz and mentor Lil Wayne, who explains why he was so intent on signing the rapper to his Young Money label.

“I was like, this female here is amazing,” said Wayne. “She’d be amazing for my label as well, and so that’s when I knew I wanted to sign her, as soon as I heard her, as soon as I saw her.”

The E! Entertainment Special: Nicki Minaj premieres July 13th at 10:00 p.m. EST on E!