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Fat Joe: ‘Drops a Body’, Transforms into Joey Slim?

Fat Joe has taken a turn for the better as he recently dropped 100 pounds and I must say he is really slim! This recent weight loss seems to have finalized his overall weight goal as he lost around 80 pounds taking his weight from 370 to 290 pounds back in 2005.  He recently shed these new pounds within a matter of months and according to an inside source he was forced to lose the weight for “health reasons.” According to Joe, he was inspired to get healthy after watching an episode of ‘The Oprah Show.’ “All of [the people on Oprah] lost like 100 pounds. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I gotta’ get on this diet,’” he said. He dropped the weight by cutting back on carbohydrates, fried foods and working out daily. “What really scares me the most is that I really love to eat. Me being Puerto Rican and not eating rice and beans — it’s hard!”

In a new music video for the song ‘Drop a Body,’ which premiered  on, Joey Crack shows off his new “body” and indeed looks like a whole new man. That slim guy was hiding inside of him all this time. The Terror Squad ambassador has not yet commented on his drastic weight loss however, it’s hard to dismiss the fact that one of the influences for his new “healthy decision” was probably because in 2000 he lost his best friend, Big Pun. Pun weighed 700 pounds at the time of his death and suffered from a severe heart attack that caused respiratory. Pun’s death literally hit home for Fat Joe and many of his friends and family so I’m almost certain that many of his peers respect his transformation and ultimate pledge to live and be healthy. In the meantime, the Puerto Rican papi should definitely consider changing his name.

Take a look at Fat Joe’s new physique in the ‘Drop a Body’ video here:


Author: Sharde Monet