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Nicki Minaj: Good Morning America Concert Series | Video

Check out Nicki Minaj’s appearance on the Good Morning America Concert Series.

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Young Jeezy: Sued Over Concert Flake-Out (VI Summer Splash)

Young Jeezy has bad manners — according to organizers at Summer Spash 2011 in the Virgin Islands.  He allegedly jacked them around and ended up being a no show, and now they’re retaliating in court.

According to a lawsuit filed Friday in the Virgin Islands, Paid 4 Entertainment struck a deal with Young Jeezy back in March to do the show. They claim just 12 days before the show, Jeezy’s people told him he “might” have a conflict with the June 18 show date and “was considering not appearing.”

According to the lawsuit, Paid 4 Entertainment implored Jeezy to make it work — and they reached a new agreement for Jeezy to appear on June 19.

Paid 4 claims they went so far as getting a private jet to make it easy on Jeezy … but he didn’t make the flight.  His reps eventually called to say Jeezy was pulling the plug.

The company is suing for fraud, among other things, and wants more than $75,000 in damages.

Calls to Young Jeezy’s people were not immediately returned.


St. Thomas: Virgin Islands Summer Splash 2011 Scam or Not?

Here is  a snippet of an article entitled “140,000 Slaps in the Face” that was published on a Virgin Islands gossip website …

A roving reporter on the U.S. mainland made contact with the manager of the artist (Jeezy) that was a reported no-show to the weekend’s concert. The manager indicated that there was some discussion with the local promoter (Paid 4 Entertainment), but no contract had been signed and the promoter didn’t pay a deposit to secure the artist’s appearance.

As a result, the artist was contracted for an appearance in Atlanta, instead. The questions now remaining are:

1) Where is the signed contract that the promoter claims to have?

2) How was the $140,000 expended(spent)?

3) How the hell could a majority of senators go along with the “Pork-Barrel” project?

4) How many more “Pork-Barrel” projects were included in the Miscellaneous section of the budget?

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Paid 4 Entertainment published a press release on their Twitter account that was posted on CaribVue earlier this week. Please refer to the related article below.