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Zoe Saldana: Being Criticized for her Role as a Colombian |

*Zoe Saldana is showing off her agility as an actress with her latest production, “Colombiana.”

She tells the NY Daily News that the tough role was something she was ready for, as well as the guns.

“I grew up around a family of hunters in the Caribbean and guns were always around,” she says. “Now, I obviously didn’t know about all the weapons used in this movie, but that allowed me to create my own sort of swagger.”

But her role wasn’t without controversy.

Some Colombians are sharing their resentment because Zoe is  a Puerto Rican and Dominican woman playing the role of a Colombian. They are also upset because the movie is so violent.

“Just because I’m Dominican doesn’t mean I can only play Dominican roles.” She did play a blue tree-swinging princess quite well. Noting Pam Grier and Sigourney Weaver as icons who inspire her, Saldana says, “These badass women always deliver great roles and never compromise their art form.”



Zoe Saldana: Colombiana Movie Trailer

In the action film “Colombiana”, Zoe Saldana plays Cataleya, a young woman who has grown up to be an assassin after witnessing the murder of her parents as a child. Turning herself into a professional killer and working for her uncle, she remains focused on her ultimate goal: to hunt down and get revenge on the mobster responsible for her parents’ deaths.

Check out the movie trailer below: