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Style & Vibes Caribbean Blogger Spotlight: CaribVue

Take a look at our featured spotlight on Thanks again Mikelah Rose!

Hailing from the U.S. Virgin Islands,  Jozette Walker, affectionately know as Joz, created Carib Vue a digital magazine in July of 2010. The blogazine has given her the opportunity to blend her passion for the Caribbean with career development in Communications (which she is studying at Broward College right now).

CaribVue Magazine, spotlights Caribbean entertainment, music, sports, arts, business, travel, culture, lifestyle features, and so much more. As a daily online portal the site offers current events and multimedia content. Featuring a modern, yet laid back Caribbean style, CaribVue’s imagery and overall creative direction mirrors the contemporary look of its viewers.

When did you start blogging & why?

I started blogging almost a year ago in mid-July. The idea of creating CaribVue came to me after losing my office job at a cosmetics company early last year. I was also in college at the time and decided to put my major (Public Relations & Communications) to use. I was born and reared in the Caribbean and I take great pride in my culture, so I decided to fuse this with my love of words. My goal has always been to have a career in the entertainment world and I decided it was time to create my own opportunities. The rest is history, CaribVue was born out of my motivation!

If you could describe your blog in one sentence, what would it be?

CaribVue, the Quintessential Caribbean…Entertainment, Lifestyle and Travel.

What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?

My goal as a blogger is to bring attention to the Caribbean. CaribVue is a fusion of everything uniquely Caribbean – the blog explores entertainment, culture, lifestyle, and travel. My goal is to bring CaribVue to the level of Essence magazine. Currently, we’re a digital blog and multimedia site but I foresee so many opportunities for the CaribVue brand. I hail from a really small island (St. Croix, Virgin Islands) but my goal is to develop the blog into a major platform not only for entertainers, but also businesses in the hospitality and travel industries. I am seeking recognition as a writer and editor, but I’m also an upcoming media consultant and publicist. I am currently in college for Marketing and Communications so the blog helps me to develop not only my skills but also my network. I look forward to CaribVue generating revenue through advertising and opening the doors to new opportunities for me in the marketing and entertainment industries.

What is the most challenging part of being a blogger?

The most challenging part of being a blogger is keeping the content fresh. Since, I am pretty new to the game leads are hard to come by so I am constantly scouring the internet for stories that my readers may find interesting.

How do you keep content on your blog fresh and interesting?

I have found that the easiest way to stay informed when leads are few is to subscribe to RSS feeds. I follow a large number of news, entertainment, travel, culture, and national news sites that offer stories on Caribbean people, places, and things. By keeping track of RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, and newsletters it minimizes the time.

Are you a one person show, how do you balance writing, promoting, coverage etc.?

I am the sole operator of the blog but I’m always on the lookout for contributors. I’m not sure how I pull of this balancing act, but I do. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are my greatest tools. My blog is linked directly to those two platforms and I also use them to promote my business as well, Twaitter (a Twitter platform) is excellent for my automated promotional tweets. I also have friends throughout the Caribbean, U.S., and Canada that supply me with great leads and media (pictures and videos) when I’m at my home base.

Do you feel Caribbean bloggers are taken as seriously as print publications (why or why not)?

I believe that the Caribbean blogging scene is being developed, there are so many topics to cover but I feel at present Caribbean travel blogs receive most of the attention. The main reason for this is that we are known throughout the world as a “tropical paradise” however when it comes to our music, history, and food these are the lesser known things. There are few Caribbean entertainment/culture magazines that make it out of the region as print publications, so there is definitely a viable market for these types bloggers on the internet. I look forward to a time when Caribbean bloggers will be looked as authoritative figures on topics besides travel.

What advice would give someone who wants to get into blogging?

My advice to potential bloggers is to write about topics that you have a passion for. A reader can read an article and easily relate to you without having ever meeting you. Write in a conversational style to connect with your readers and the writing process will come  effortlessly. In real estate its location, location, location…on the internet it’s social media connect with your readers and connect your blog with the social networks that’s your link to the world!

Who are you Vibin’ to right now (Musically Caribbean or non-Caribbean)?

I am a music connoisseur. I listen to everything but currently you can catch me listening to Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Rock City, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, and Beyoncé. My favorite genres are R&B, Lover’s Rock, Pop, and Bacahata.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to describe my style as island chic. I consider myself to be a bit of a diva, I absolutely love my heels and hats. My fashion style is fun and sexy but always elegant. I admire fashion icons such as Beyoncé Knowles and LisaRaye McCoy. White is my favorite color but I’ll throw bits of colors together to keep things fresh. I am an island girl after all!

Twitter: CaribVue | Joz

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St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands: Fort Frederik

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I came across these amazing photographs by Steve Simonsen while browsing local photographers this afternoon. Painted a brilliant red the historical Fort Frederik, welcomes cruise ship passengers and tourists alike to discover St. Croix’s history. The landmark was named after King Frederick V of Denmark, who purchased the Danish West Indies in 1754.

According to the National Park Service, Fort Frederik was constructed in the mid-18th century by the Danish government to protect its interests in the Caribbean and to defend the western end of Saint Croix against incursion from other European powers. Fort Frederik was the focal point of two important events that led to the dissolution of the slave-based economy of the Virgin Islands. In 1848, Emancipation Revolt ended slavery in the Danish West Indies, but inaugurated a 30-year period of serfdom based on contract labor that ensured continuing control by plantation owners. Later in 1878, escalating tensions erupted into the Labor Riot and Fireburn, which ended the contract labor system.

The fort has served as a jail, police station, fire station and courthouse since the purchase of the Virgin Islands by the U.S. in 1917.

It was listed as a contributing property in the Frederiksted Historic District in 1976.  It was individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.  It was further declared a National Historic Landmark in 1997.

Fort Frederick has a display related to the Fredensborg, a ship that was part of the “Triangle Trade” from Europe, to Africa and St. Croix and back to Europe. The ship sank just off coast in Denmark; the first mate saved the ship’s log. At the Fort are records about the sale of the slaves which occurred in St. Croix.

Located at the North end of the town of Frederksted, South of junction of Mahogany Road and  Rt. 631 or just north of the pier in Frederiksted. Fort Frederik Museum has an admission fee of $3.00 adults. Under age 16 admission is free. The museum is open on Saturdays only during cruise ship visits. 8:00 a.m. until 4:00.

About Steve Simonsen Photography

Based in the Caribbean in the U.S. Virgin Islands, on the island of St John for the past 20 years. Stock and assignment photographer; year-round access to the Caribbean. Digital services. Digital HD video topside and underwater.

  • Specialties include underwater, villas and resort properties, aerial photography
  • Currently producing documentary on the endangered Leatherback turtles that nest on Sandy Point St Croix.
  • Member ASMP, Lonely Planet Images
  • PADI, NAUI Diving Instructor
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Photography Workshops topside and underwater.
For complete bio information and samples of published works click here: Steve Simonsen Published Works and Bio

Follow Simonsen Photography on Facebook.

For more information contact: Janet Simonsen, P.O. Box 980, St. John, USVI 00831

Telephone/Fax: 340-775-4485



SRM Photos: Captured in Color St. Thomas Carnival 2011

There are some really talented folks in the Caribbean many sing, write, dance, and then there are those that capture life in color. It takes a great eye for detail to be a photographer. With that said I have admired the work of Stacy Mather also known as Buddha for quite sometime now. His photos capture not only the subject but their every emotion. Ever heard the phrase, “A picture speaks a thousand words?” Well it’s  true. If you don’t see spirited fun & festivity in these pics…culture is not alive! This year’s carnival theme: “Let Our Cultural Spirit Enliven Carnival 2011.”

View these captured moments :

View more photos at:

Contact  Stacy “Buddha” Mather directly at: or 284.544.2256 (British Virgin Islands).


Prodigy X Photography (BVI) : Captures St. Thomas Carnival 2011

Earlier this week, as I browsed Facebook I stumbled across some tagged pictures of the Carnival.  As you all know I’m always on the prowl for talented Caribbean people, especially my fellow Virgin Islanders… so this lead me to hit the “like” button on Prodigy X Photography‘s page  to locate its admin. As luck would have it… it happened to be the work of one of the BVI’s  budding photographers, Dame Peters. I made contact  with Dame, asked him some questions, and he was kind enough to share some of his amazing images from St. Thomas Carnival 2011. This year’s theme was “Let Our Cultural Spirit Enliven, Carnival 2011.”

Check out my interview with Dame Peters (Prodigy X Photography):

How long have you been in the business of photography?

Dame: I have had a love for photography for as long as I can remember and decided to get into the photography business in January of this year. 

What initially interested you in photography?

 Dame: I love capturing memories and stories. Growing up in a large family, we have numerous photo albums of memories. I’ve always wanted to be the person that captures those memories.

What would you say is more important Good Knowledge/Good Equipment?

Dame: Good knowledge is definitely king. The equipment is just a tool that helps to capture what the photographer sees or has in mind. Knowing how to capture that idea is paramount, even when using mediocre equipment. Without good knowledge, the most expensive and state of the art equipment will be useless.

What genres of photography are you most interested in?

Dame: I love capturing the beauty of nature (people and landscapes). As such, outdoor portrait photography has my main interest, with band photography coming in a close second

Now everybody has a digital camera do you notice less work coming your way as people now think they can do it themselves?

Dame: Yes, I do feel that this affects the photography business somewhat, but not greatly. A professional photographer is an artist and the camera is this artist’s brush. The creativity and originality that goes into a professional photographer’s work cannot be matched by a point and shoot camera and most people appreciate that.

If you could work alongside any one photographer who would it be?

Dame: There are so many photographers that tie for that #1 position of who I’d like to work with, many of whom are local photographers that are absolutely brilliant. Recently I have had the good fortune of working with John Black and Buddha Matther of Team FotoShop in the BVI. Besides them, I’d love to work alongside Zack Arias.

What goal are you working towards within your photography? When will you know you have reached it?

Dame: At the moment I am continuing my studies in the photographic art, while building my network and portfolio. My long term goal would be to get into fashion photography for magazines and other publications.

What photography projects appeal to you the most?

 Dame: Recently, the appeal of events with lots of action has been in the forefront of my mind. Events such as martial arts demonstrations, carnival parades and J’ouverts. However, as mentioned, landscape portraiture peaks my interest most and allows for a more creative and original approach.

What projects are you currently  working on?

 Dame: In the works currently are a few outdoor portraits, corporate events, indoor studio shoots and I will be working alongside Team PhotoShop, shooting the upcoming 2011 Miss Caribbean World Pageant. 

Are you available for work outside of the BVI?

Dame:  I am currently growing my brand and equipment inventory and eventually will be available for work outside of the BVI.

How can people get in touch with you/ view your work?

Dame: A variety of my photography is available online at or on Flickr at

However, to view a concise portfolio, I can be contacted by email at:

View more Carnival pictures below:


CaribPress: Milica Pesic Young Designer from Italy – Caribbean Fashionweek

Jamaica has a way of luring people to its shores not only for sand, sea and sun. The magnetism of the island, boasting rich sounds of its intrinsic reggae beats and the complementing culture has been a major draw for foreigners for several years and, for the past decade, fashion has firmly become part of this allure through the Kingston-based Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW).

Come June 8-13, Pulse will stage the 11th installment of its flagship fashion and beauty extravaganza and each year, the event attracts a growing number of talented new designers.

This year is no exception and Milica Pesic is one young Italian designer planning to make an ‘Everblazing’ first impression on the global fashion scene.

For Pesic, Caribbean Fashionweek was the perfect showcase to launch her fashion line.

“My inspiration comes from self-confident people with attitude and I find the Jamaican people to be bold and expressive, they have a certain energy that boasts confidence and my brand is all these things and more,” said the designer.

Passion for art

Pesic, who also goes by the moniker ‘Mima’, was born in Serbia but moved to Italy at an early age where her passion for art and high fashion flourished. Armed with a strong drive to become a successful designer, she studied fashion design at the University of Florence.

Having been immersed in fashion since she was 14, after leaving University, Pesic worked as a stylist and for a number of other design labels before she decided to launch her own line.

In fact, Everblazing is not just a single clothing collection; Pesic was recently in Paris working on her men’s fragrance which is going to be part of her larger brand thrust.

“At CFW, I will present two collections, one focused on the women and also the men. This is my time on the international stage and I am going all out, to put on a terrific show,” said Mima.

According to the designer, her collection will incorporate a bold mix of colours from the finest Italian fabrics and leather and she is positive that Kingston will be enthusiastic about her line.

“My brand is assertive, sexy and luxurious,” and from all accounts the designer’s inspirations, edgy sass along with her symbolic colour palette (including animal prints) as well as her bold signature-statement accessories will be in full view at CFW.

The launch of the young designer’s collection at Caribbean Fashionweek will also coincide with the opening of her Everblazing boutique in Kingston. The line will also be available online. Pesi is set to join a stellar line-up of new and established designers from Europe, America and our own Caribbean stalwarts.

View pieces from the Everblazing line below:

For more information on Caribbean Fashion Week connect with Anna Gordon of Pulse Model Management (876) 968-1089.

Log on to: and

Connect: and