New! Walshy Fire: Riddim Stream Vol. 5 Mixtape

Download: Riddim Stream Vol. 5 

Tracklist :

  1. Intro
  2. Chan Dizzzy Strange Face Batty Bwoy (Black Chiney)
  3. Chan Dizzy-Dat Mi Know Chan Dizzy
  4. Vybz Kartel-Real Badman
  5. Popcaan-Middle Day Popcaan
  6. Vybz Kartel-Life Vybz Kartel
  7. Popcaan-Cah Believe – Clean Popcaan
  8. Jah Vinci-Money Mi A Pre Jah Vinci
  9. G Whizz-Bartender G Whizz
  10. Mavado& Chase Cross Burnin Up
  11. Mavado-Send Dem Out
  12. Carlos Turner_Beware A Dem_
  13. I-Octane-Inna Dem (Black Chiney)
  14. Popcaan-We Nuh Friad A People Popcaan
  15. Vybz Kartel-Come Ya Nuh Me Gal
  16. Vybz Kartel-Duh Weh U Wah Fi Duh
  17. Popcaan-Seh Dem Bad – Raw Popcaan
  18. Vybz Kartel Nuh More Dan Mi
  19. Assassin How Wi Feel
  20. I Octane Nuh Ramp Wid Wi (Black Chiney)
  21. Popcaan-Hear Dem A Talk
  22. Khago-Blood A Boil
  23. Wine You Body Beenie Man & Lolita
  24. Bottle Party Smoove
  25. Vybz Kartel More Than Neo
  26. Mx Prime Everyman Buy
  27. Vybz Kartel-Hold Di Faith
  28. Vybz Kartel Mi Like That
  29. Vybz Kartel Tell You Say
  30. Vybz Kartel Go Go Wine (Produced By Dre Skull)
  31. Vybz Kartel Summer Time
  32. Vybz Kartel Exchange
  33. Magazeen Black Panamer
  34. Assassin-When We Roll Out
  35. Vybz Kartel- British Love (Anything 4 U)
  36. Vybz Kartel Ft. Russian Get Gal Anywhere
  37. Mavado-Swing On
  38. Khago-Bruk Bread
  39. I Octane-Life Too Hard
  40. Mavado-Come Out Of My Life
  41. Mavado Tumping
  42. Vybz Kartel Barbie Baby Doll
  43. Carlos Turner Next Chapter
  44. Mavado-Go Look A Gal
  45. Bugle-Monkey
  46. Blak Ryno-One Burner
  47. Vybz Kartel Shout It Out Loud
  48. Mavado-Don’t Wanna Be A Memory
  49. Serani-Clouds
  50. I Octane-Smoke I Octane
  51. Dexta Daps-Dem A Seh Dexta Daps
  52. Bugle-Idol
  53. Popcaan-Jeans So
  54. Voicemail-Dancing Me Seh
  55. Merital-Dancing
  56. Mavado Delilah – [Di Genius Mix]
  57. Vybz Kartel Open Up
  58. Assassin-Gallis From Birth
  59. I Octane Mine Who You Ah Dis
  60. Vybz Kartel-My Baby U
  61. Sean Paul-Give Me The Loving
  62. Mavado Love Mi Life
  63. Vybz Kartel VIP
  64. Vybz Kartel Woman Me Love
  65. Mavado-Ak 47
  66. Ele-Dem Only Can Talk
  67. Busy Signal-Pon Dem
  68. Bramma-Lowe Dem
  69. Assassin-Badda
  70. Defend Mi Self Vybz Kartel

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