St. Thomas: Virgin Islands Summer Splash 2011 Scam or Not?

Here is  a snippet of an article entitled “140,000 Slaps in the Face” that was published on a Virgin Islands gossip website …

A roving reporter on the U.S. mainland made contact with the manager of the artist (Jeezy) that was a reported no-show to the weekend’s concert. The manager indicated that there was some discussion with the local promoter (Paid 4 Entertainment), but no contract had been signed and the promoter didn’t pay a deposit to secure the artist’s appearance.

As a result, the artist was contracted for an appearance in Atlanta, instead. The questions now remaining are:

1) Where is the signed contract that the promoter claims to have?

2) How was the $140,000 expended(spent)?

3) How the hell could a majority of senators go along with the “Pork-Barrel” project?

4) How many more “Pork-Barrel” projects were included in the Miscellaneous section of the budget?

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Paid 4 Entertainment published a press release on their Twitter account that was posted on CaribVue earlier this week. Please refer to the related article below.

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  1. How true is it that senators contributed money in this?Or was it only one senator?

    • Senator Alvin Williams put the ball in motion but the other senators supported the contribution to the event. Vist the DemManSay link for the info.

  2. Paid4 Ent. is wack! They did not pay no $140,000 to Jeezy. Jeezy gets paid between $10,000 – 30,000 a show lol…that’s funny. If its true that they had a contract with Jeezy and he didn’t show up they are entitled to sue Jeezy and win easy….something ain’t right. I saw another blog by, I posted my comments and they got offended and deleted them.They seemed to be so mad at Jeezy ,so I simply asked them if they saw the contract?……no answer, they deleted my comments…Uninformed folks just like to run their mouth and be loud….anybody can do that! How about talking based on truth and facts? Instead of acting like who can be the biggest bad man….so lame. Anyway, to hell with Paid4 Ent. for not keeping it 100.

    • Thanks for commenting Yea Right. As you can see I edited the original wording of your message for the reader’s sake. However, the points that you outlined are still there. It is rumored that $50K of the $140K was allotted to Jeezy’s concert performance. However, whether or not a contract was signed or not still remains unknown. I personally feel that there was no contract but that’s just my opinion. I’m working on getting that interview with Jeezy or his management. Stay posted for updates!

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