Sizzla: ‘The Scriptures’ Album Release

Reggae artist Sizzla Kalonji has released his newest album ‘The Scriptures’ today (June 21st). The album featuring 14 tracks  is available for purchase in stores, on iTunes, and Amazon. The singer describes the album as being “very positive and spititual” which gave way to the title ‘The Scriptures’.

“This title came about spontaneous, a friend (Trev), was listening to the album and suggested that we call it The Scriptures because of the natural inspiration that he was getting from the songs.”

A follow up to the album will be released  later this year, according to John John the main producer.

“This album took over a year to complete because we wanted perfection, and  trust me the entire world can appreciate this one.”

Sizzla is set to tour Guyana, Brazil, Japan, African, and locations throughout the Caribbean to promote the album.


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