Benny Demus: Eeazy Webisode Pt. 5

Eeazy is put into third party custody with Chadwick. The two continue to be at odds but find a common ground when it comes to finding Charlene’s killer. As Season 1 concludes we  looking forward to the next season of ‘Eeazy’ but until then stay Eeaaaaaazzzzzzy! Season 2 is currently being filmed. Urbane Asylum thanks the fans for their support and comments.

The webisodes are executive produced by St. Thomian & V.I. native Benny Demus. John P. Wheatley, another St. Thomian talent takes his place as director. Screen writing credits belong to Benny D and Dorian Santiago. Wheatley and Santiago are also co-producers of theseries shot entirely in Atlanta, GA by Urbane Asylum Productions in association with Masterpeace Productions.

View the webisode below:

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