Ne-Yo: Seeks Local Talent – Launches Caribbean Leg of his Record Label

R&B superstar Ne-Yo has launched the Caribbean leg of his record label and yesterday, announced plans to have a series of parties in Negril for Emancipation weekend.

The singer announced his intentions for the island’s music at his media launch last night at the Spanish Court Hotel.

He unveiled the Caribbean leg of Compound Entertainment label, dubbed ‘Compound Island.’ The Compound brand takes the Jamaican initiative even further with his Compound Island series of parties set for Negril from July 29 – 30 this summer.

Speaking about his Compound Island label Ne-Yo said, “the reason we decided to do this here, besides the obvious talent, is that the Jamaican market is very single-driven, where you have that one special song. We believe that is where the music business is heading right now, that singles matter more than the album.”

Ne-Yo explained that artistes like Rihanna and Bruno Mars have taken Jamaican melodies, rhythm and reggae music to achieve success overseas. The singer believes that local acts can reach just as far with reggae music. “Reggae music is global music, you can go anywhere to hear it, you can go to Australia and hear it,” Ne-Yo said. He added that it is a lack of knowledge on the worldwide, global music business that has been the drawback for local acts.

According to Ne-Yo, his label will be doing a local online talent search competition for singers, groups, songwriters, producers and more in the near future. Compound Island has a team who will be working here, conducting the search and more. Nonetheless, Ne-Yo explains that he plans to be very ‘hands on’ for his new venture giving his expert advice to local talent.

Ne-yo told The STAR, “we’re looking for fresh talent, people we can mould.” What can persons do to impress the international star? Ne-Yo explained, “be the best you can be, at what you do.”

To introduce ‘Compound Island’ to Jamaica, Compound Entertainment will be hosting the Compound Island Party Series. The Compound Island Series will feature three events over two days to be held at the Jungle nightclub. The first day features the VIP Welcome Party, with the second day hosting the ‘All White Party’ during the day and the ‘Finale Party’ in the night.

The singer was in Jamaica for a three-day stay, hitting the local entertainment scene visiting various parties. This marks Ne-yo’s third visit to the island, the last, being when he performed at Reggae Sumfest in 2009. He said, “this experience has been a lot different, the other times I was here it was for a show, which was the highlight of my time here. This time I got to hang out and experience the Jamaican night life.”


Author: Krista Henry

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