Benny Demus: Eeazy Webisode Debuts

So I’ve patiently been waiting for the premiere of Benny D’s Eeazy Webisode to debut and today it’s FINALLY here! The first two episodes “What Do You Fight For After Losing Everything”? and “How Far Would You Go To Uncover The Truth”? focused on Eeazy’s (Benny’s Character) acceptance of his sister Charlene’s death and his determination to find her killer. Simultaneously Chadwick (Dorian Santiago) his sister’s lover decides to do his own digging. The conclusion of the webisode leaves you anxiously craving more…as the cops roll up. I’m looking forward to the next webisode until then stay Eeaaaaaazzzzzzy!

The webisodes are executive produced by St. Thomian & V.I. native Benny Demus. John P. Wheatley, another St. Thomian talent takes his place as director. Screen writing credits belong to Benny D and Dorian Santiago. Wheatley and Santiago are co-producers of the film shot entirely in Atlanta, GA by Urbane Asylum Productions in association with Masterpeace Productions.

View the webisode below:

Check out Benny D’s website at:

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