FREE Miami Reggae Festival Seeks to Bring Back the ‘Essence of Reggae’

Nearly 10,000 fans will pack Peacock Park in Coconut Grove to witness the Essence of Reggae Music. Organized by Alfonso D’ Nicsio Brooks and the ROCKAZ MVMT, the free Miami reggae festival seeks to spread peace, love and unity in the Miami community on Saturday, April 30. –a.r.

How did the festival come about?

It started in November of last year. We did the Reggae Woodstock at Bayside. It paid homage to vintage reggae. We had such a tremendous turnout, so we wanted to give back by doing a free concert. During the process, we reached out to the Curley’s House charity. So, we want all fans to bring a can good when they come.

Why is it important to keep the culture alive?

We pay homage to the foundation of reggae. With it becoming commercial, they left behind the true foundation of the music. We did research and decided to reintroduce Bob Marley’s “One Love” movement. Some people can’t travel to the Caribbean, so we want to bring the Caribbean to Miami.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of going into the entertainment business?

You have to believe anything is possible. Believe in the work, and it will come to fruition. There’s no such thing as “I can’t do.” Challenges will arrive, but you use those challenges to make you stronger.


Written by: Amir Shaw

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